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What is no fault car insurance?
No fault car insurance is meant safe guard drivers from high financial risk. It indicates a system where drivers are required by law to carry auto insurance. This is for the protection of ones self and through this there are limiting factors in suing another driver for damage caused. Under no fault laws the insurance company will pay for all damages or up to the amount stipulated in the policy, no matter who was responsible the accident.

True no fault systems do not exist, even in states that claim to carry no fault policies. Instead, elements of the liability system are also incorporated, thus lawsuits are still a viable option in select cases. No fault insurance results in immediate medical attention to drivers and reduced legal fees. This is beneficial to those insured because it means lower insurance premiums.

I totaled my car, what is the salvage value going to be?
The salvage value of a car after an accident can vary depending on a number of factors such as retail value at the time of the accident, where the vehicle was damaged, demand for the car and parts, blue book value, car conditions before an accident and more. Different insurers use varying formulas in determining total sum of salvage value and it's best if you research these thoroughly.

Generally speaking, though, you can expect 15 - 25% of the value of the car at the time of the accident. If an insurance adjuster offers less than what is perceived to be fair, don't except the offer. Figure out alternative options and, if possible, find a good attorney. Fighting insurance companies by oneself can be an uphill battle.  

Where can I find cheap auto insurance?
Getting a car insurance quote is easy at When planning financial expenditures it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Auto insurance is not just mandatory, it's an investment. It protects your safety and security. A great plan, even if at a high price, can result in increased monetary rewards in the future.

As far as what is equated when determining overall price, an insurance company will look at the driving record, location, credit score and several other factors. 

How much is a DUI going to change my auto insurance rates?
Car insurance rate increases resulting from a DUI charge can vary depending on the insurance company and the persons past history who is insured. 

Some companies will drop those insured from their plan, even on a first offense basis. If not, expect your premiums to skyrocket. Many who are in financial crises have to judge whether car insurance is even worth it considering often times their drivers licenses are suspended.

Should I put my teenager on my car insurance plan?
Auto insurance for teenagers can be expensive. Costs are normally lowered when parents put them on their plan. If it is decided for the teen to get their own policy, it is recommended to invest in an older reliable vehicle, as this will keep costs down.

My collision coverage is too high, how can I lower it?
Collision coverage can be expensive but there are ways to control it. 

First decide whether collision coverage is worth it in comparison to a cars retail value. If it costs more to cover the policy than it did to buy the car, then common sense says that collision coverage can be dropped. If you have a car of respectable value, look into raising your deductibles. Generally speaking, this will lower your premium. In the case of an accident, though, it means more money out of you pocket to cover initial costs.

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