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How much life insurance is needed? 
Determining what life insurance policy works best for can be difficult. It is important to evaluate family needs and expenditures before making a decision. Financial protection for ones family is what life insurance is all about. A general way to decide is take your annual gross income and multiply it by 5, 6, or 7. This approach should give a god idea of what can be expected. Mostly, research how much your family currently spends and what you plan on spending in the future.  Make sure all the bases are covered and you've done plenty of research.

What is term life insurance? 
Term life insurance, or temporary life insurance, is a simple plan that protects those insured for a set amount of time.  Once the policy has expired, so has the insurance unless those insured decide to renew. Premium rates for renewals are typically higher unless you can provide evidence to indicate you are a "safe" investment. Policies usually last 5-30 years.  Initial costs are normally lower than permanent insurance plans but renewal rates are higher.

What is permanent life insurance?
Permanent life insurance is also commonly known as whole life, adjustable, and variable life insurance. Permanent life insurance coverage is for lifelong protection. Pricing structure is built for payment over an extended period of time. As long as premium payments are met, permanent life insurance will continue. Price structure can vary depending on those insured.

What Life Insurance Policy should I buy? 
When determining a life insurance policy first thing to do is get a quote on Once an agent is found, they will recommend different policies based on information provided. Typically you will have the option for a type of a term life insurance policy or a permanent life insurance policy. Study your options carefully. Once a policy is decided on, most plans provide a 10 day grace period to change or drop the coverage. Utilize this time to study the various nuances of the agreed plan.

Should I get life insurance for my kids?
Life insurance for children is an option and it is advised to find a policy with a guaranteed, low premium. The main thing within any family is to protect the person who makes the most money first, then worry about the life insurance for the rest of the family. This approach is best for all involved.

Can I replace or cancel my life insurance policy for another one?
t is possible to change life insurance policies but it is not advisable. Premiums are likely to cost more with a policy purchased at a later date. Expenditures for application fees and the cost of issuing a policies will again have to be paid. 

Certain guarantees, like protection after suicide, are often covered after a few years with a policy. Changing policies is like starting over with many benefits. Basically, if you are going to change policies make sure it is the right move. Gather all the data possible and then decide if it's worth it. Odds are it is going to cost extra, it's up to you to decide if it is going to be worth it.

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Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
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