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I don't own very much - why would I get renters insurance?
Take a look around you, and then add up the value of your TV, stereo, furniture, clothing and other items.In most cases your landlord is not responsible and does not insure your property in your home or apartment. Would it be difficult for you to replace them without insurance? Make a list, room by room of your personal property to estimate the total value of your possessions.

What are deductibles?
A deductible is the amount you will have to pay out of your own pocket before your insurance company will pay on a claim. For example, if you have a $250 deductible and fire damages your personal property in the amount of $1,000 the insurance company would pay $750 ($1,000 less your $250 deductible).

Are hurricanes covered?
Yes, windstorm is a covered peril, however coverage for a resulting flood may be excluded.

Are floods covered?
No, most renters insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flood. All Your Needs Insurance offers flood coverage in some areas, for contents only. Before you call an insurance company, All Your Needs Insurance recommends that you call your landlord to find out the 'flood zone' of the property you are renting. For a competitive rental insurance quote, call All Your Needs Insurance at 1-877-742-0550 / 954-742-0550.  

What if my property is stolen?
Theft, burglary or robbery claims should always be immediately reported to the police. Some policies provide coverage for stolen property only if there has been forcible entry into a locked home or apartment. Most policies have limited coverage on certain types of property for loss caused by theft - check your policy for more specific information.

What if my credit card is stolen?
Your renters insurance policy may pay up to a specific amount (i.e., $250) for the legal obligation of any insured to pay because of the theft or unauthorized use of credit cards issued to or registered in any insured's name.

Are items in my garage or in a storage unit covered?
Renters insurance usually provides an extension of coverage for property away from your primary residence location. Check your policy for coverage and limits.

Is cash covered?
Renters insurance usually provides an extension of coverage for limited amounts of cash. Some companies will increase the amount by endorsement for an additional premium. Check your policy for coverage and limits.

Are fine arts such as collectible dolls or artwork covered?
Most basic renters policies will cover fine arts as personal property, subject to the basic perils and deductible on your policy. If you own fine arts you may want to consider an adding an endorsement to your policy providing specific "all risk" coverage on scheduled items for a nominal additional premium. For example, if you have a porcelain doll that is accidentally broken, your basic policy would not provide coverage, because breakage is not a named peril. If you have added a fine arts endorsement (including breakage) the doll would be covered.

Is there any coverage for business use or business property?
Some policies will provide a nominal amount of coverage for business property (i.e., $1,000), but in most cases it is not covered. You should check with your insurance company if you have any business property at your home or if you are operating any type of home-based business from your residence.

Is my roommate covered under this policy?
Probably not, unless that person is a named insured or a relative. If you have a roommate, check with your insurance company about coverage for him or her.

What happens to my coverage if I move?
In most cases, you can simply provide your new address and some information about the construction of the building at your new location if you move within the state in which you are currently insured. If you are moving to another state, some insurance companies may not be able to continue your policy. If you are concerned, check with your insurance company before you move.

Is my property covered while I'm moving?
Renters insurance policies will generally recognize your new address as an "insured location" for some limited time (i.e., 30 days) from the time you begin your move. However, if the property is stolen or damaged in transit from one location to the other, the amount of coverage may be limited to 10% of the total coverage. Check with your own insurance company before you start your move.

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