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Health insurance is an all-inclusive term that applies to all forms of insurance that reimburse or indemnify for losses caused by sickness or bodily injury for medical expenses incurred during treatment as dictated by sickness or accidental bodily injury. Having affordable health insurance and low cost health insurance can help you in several ways:

  • Medical treatment can be very expensive, in many instances exorbitantly expensive for most people. Health insurance can protect you, your family, and nest egg; if something were to happen.
  • By having it you can evade expensive medical bills and avoid going into severe debt; possibly one you can’t extricate yourself out of
  • If you don’t have it, the only choice you might have is to the emergency room which can cost 20 times more than routine care

Finding great health insurance rates has never been easier. Like flood insurance, health insurance is critical in protecting your medical expenses. At All Your Needs Insurance you can get cheap health insurance quotes from trusted health insurance companies. Isn’t it time to re-evaluate your health insurance? See what All Your Needs Insurance can offer.

What is Health Insurance?
Most policies provide benefits for sickness or injury, regardless of whether the care is provided at a doctor's office, outpatient facility, or hospital. The types of sickness and injuries covered are usually broad, although there are always limitations that differ by carrier and which we should discuss prior to purchasing the coverage. Individual policies typically provide somewhat limited preventive care and mental and nervous benefits. The policies always have an annual deductible (often higher than the deductibles contained in group policies) and a lifetime maximum amount of benefits that will be paid, and some policies also require you to pay coinsurance after meeting the deductible (depends on the choice of plan and the carrier). Some policies also offer co pays for office visits, as well as prescription drug benefits with separate (or no) deductibles and co pays. Because of the difference in benefit provisions, individual policies are usually considerably less expensive than group policies. Individuals who have lost group coverage and are offered COBRA normally find that it costs much less to purchase an individual policy.

Your health insurance gives you medical and prescription coverage:

There are many different individual health insurance plans. Knowing the basic features of each of them can help a person decide which plan is best for them.

Many health insurance plans allow those insured to choose a primary care physician. Preferred Provider Options (PPOs) allow each person to decide which physician to use, as well as the authority to visit a specialist without a referral.

Networks are another type of health insurance plan that allows its policyholders to decide who their physician will be. Networks are groups of health care providers who have agreed to offer discounted services to members of the insurance plan.

As a member of a network, the policyholder is welcome to visit any doctor he or she wants. They can even visit doctors that are not a part of the network. However, they would not receive a discount with the off-network physician. 

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) offer another type of individual health insurance plan. In recent history, HMOs have fallen out of favor with many organizations. This is because HMOs are focused on keeping people healthy so they don’t develop serious, expensive conditions.

HMO’s generally offer low-cost or free preventative screenings in the hopes of warding off serious medical problems. Under this program, the insured is assigned a Primary Care Physician that determines if an extended service, such as a referral to a specialist is needed.

So learn about what type of coverage suits your needs.

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